By Dorcas Solomon

I’ve always had that one moment I wanted back. That one moment when I felt everything was perfect.That one moment when I did it right. That one moment I definitely said the right words at the right time. That one moment I seemed the most beautiful. That one moment I felt was it.

And there after I spent a fortune of time trying to create that one moment back. If only I could get back that moment everything would be perfect I said.

I need that moment back, it was the greatest time.

But why!  Why do I spend so much time waiting, trying to recreate it. So much effort has been lost, so many opportunities has been missed.

I choose to move on. I choose to keep pressing forward, because only a moving train can get to a destination. I now have an understanding that life do not have to become stagnant to recreate them. That “one moment” can only be perfect for a certain time in season and trying to recreate it is to suffocate or cause extinction to my other  “one moments” which could equally be as perfect or better.

That one moment is now!!

What are you thoughts on that one moment in your life, either positive or negative you wish you could recreate?