By Dorcas Solomon

I was in a consulting class and my amazing Professor, Roger Bryan asked each student to share a challenge they had to overcome. It was a relishing experience as you discover that we humans have so much in common, and at the end we are all striving to live our lives to the fullest.

Another remarkable professor, Meaghen J Quinnor was present in this session, and she decide to create tag lines – which represents the essence of each story shared. I thought to share the tag lines with you guys, and I hope they inspire you in some way.

“Step out and go for what you really want”

“Life brings us challenges, but I face them head on everyday. That’s an accomplishment in itself”

“Sometimes you have to bend yourself back in shape, you might not look the same but you need to have faith that you will stay afloat.”

“It’s important to know that any event and any person, young or old, can teach you a life lesson.”

“Even though I couldn’t see, I was able to take a leap of faith”

“The road to well-being often starts when you look in the mirror and you say ‘today a change needs to happen’ but this time you actually put a plan into action”  “Get started and your will see results sooner than you ever imagined”.

“Never be afraid to ask for help”

“Sometimes you need to embrace your own way of learning”

“The facts will save you”

“Do something that scares you and stick with it”

“Life is full of tough decisions, but you may not have to abandon an idea or a dream entirely. You might want to just look at it from a different angle”

“Sometimes you need to walk the line and lead by example”


 If you were to make a tag line for a challenge you had to overcome what would it be? Share and Inspire others.