By Oyin Oyetunde

As young lady I was informed that one of the best ways to get a man is to be knowledgeable about a sport. So I set out intentionally to learn about the game of basketball. I wanted to be able to have a deep conversation with a guy about the game – so my knowledge could influence his perception about me (don’t judge me). 

So my quest for knowledge began, and with so much enthusiasm I began to study the game. I followed the playoffs and began to note the best players of each team. I soon leant that the 30 NBA teams where divided into two categories the easy EAST and the competitive WEST. I learnt about the history of the game, and Wikipedia became my friend. I watched ESPN documentaries on Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, the 3-peat of Shaq and Kobe, the linage of championship of the Celtics and Lakers. I mean I went all in (I hope I haven’t lost you yet.) Soon I started to get inspired by everything I watched and read.

As I watched games from time to time and listened, I heard commentators use a phrase called Rebounding. Sometimes they referred to it as an offensive rebound or as a defensive rebound.


A rebound is the ability to put the ball back into the basket after a missed shot. It requires a form of aggression and tenacity to get a point with a rebound. Soon I learnt that not only could this skill be applied in the game of basketball it could also be applied in the game of life. Many times in life (if you haven’t already) you are going to take some shots -maybe at a job, an education, a business you’re so excited about and fail terribly at it. Making missed shots in life is inevitable, as I am yet to meet someone who has never failed at something. Our real strength and character is tested after failure, can you rebound and try again? Is it in you to take the shot again? Sometimes rebounding could involve taking a different approach at a goal or dream and not losing hope that the actualization of the dream is very much possible. It’s the refusal to quit and stay down

Do you have it in you to rebound?

oyinOyin Oyetunde is a  final year Nursing student at the University of Windsor. Aside from learning about science she is also very passionate about inspiring and motivating people-young and old to be the all they were created to be.

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