Written by Kunle Ajayi


Growing up as a young boy with great aspirations, I was always told, ” we are the leaders of tomorrow”. With this slogan on my mind, I couldn’t wait to find out where tomorrow was. So I seized every available opportunity to ask questions like.. “which day is tomorrow?”, “who are the present leaders?”, “at what age will I become a leader?” And so on….. But I was never satisfied with the numerous views and explanations I got from different persons, so I began to engage myself in some self imposed research.

On a particular day I came across a power word that kept me thinking. It says…… ‘ teach me to number my days so I can apply my heart to wisdom.’ I realized that my existence is hidden in space and time, thus I began to pay attention to every passing second. I became sensitive to every available opportunity and the corresponding decisions I made from each opportunity I came across. …… “The best expression of wisdom Is taking the right decision at the right time”.

Also, I realized that my future has nothing to do with my age, rather my future is dependent on my stage. ……”Those who pursue their dreams early go to sleep happy”. So I concluded; tomorrow is not a day, my future is a decision I make today. Every achievement we desire is determined by what we do with today. I realized that my future is manufactured from the summation of the positive decisions I make out of all the limitless opportunities at my disposal daily. Therefore, I can stop counting the things I lack, and begin to appreciate and improve on the things I have at my disposal.

“Life will not always give you the best, you will only make the best out of all life gives to you”. Friends and associates are permitted to give excuses for your mistakes, but always decide to never excuse your failure. Always strife to do better and get better. When excuses become a habit, you begin to consider a comfortable location as a desired destination.  But remember “Not every comfortable location is a desired destination” Never give up on your dreams, remember, every tomorrow starts today!!!!!!!

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Kunle Ajayi is currently clinical student, and also, a passionate teacher of the word of God