Written by Dorcas Solomon


“Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours.” – John Locke

Each post this week were intentionally chosen to cover a variety of interests and topics. I enjoyed reading each one, found them to be very insightful, and some greatly challenged my perspective. I hope you take a moment this weekend to relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy these great reads.

Best Quotes and Sayings About Books  by Skip Prichard |“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what books he reads.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

How I Became a morning Person, Read 5x More Books and Learned a New Language in A year by Belle Beth Cooper | …But the great thing about this story is that anyone can have such an impressive outcome, and it’s not at all as daunting as it might sound.

10 Overlooked Truths About Taking Action by Kyle Kick | This is my favourite of the week. It gave me a different perspective on growth and action… “The pain of action is acute. It’s right in our face. Inaction tempts us because it’s slow.”

The Myth of “Colourblindness” by Scott Marcano |Prejudice is, in fact, something we’re all born with and must strive actively to overcome – and we need to be honest about that.

Hacking the Tech Job Search Process by Will Lam| Are you looking to land a job in the tech space? Then this a great read. Provides a good perspective on how to take proactive steps.

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