Welcome to Walk of Promise- The relatable Blog

Walk of promise hopes to empower everyday people to look beyond everyday circumstances. Broadening your perspective and aiding in your self-development is what we strive to do through the power of information.

In our modern world, it’s easy to get bogged-down with twitter and Facebook sending a constant feed of clutter, and noise through the average person’s phone. Walk of Promise tries to cut through the noise with articles that educate, motivate, and inspire you to live a full life. From writing that covers entrepreneurship, social issues, self-reflection, occupation and everyday life, this platform aims to strengthen, or even challenge your approach to living.

I am grateful that this forum has inspired many to be the best version of themselves. I hope this platform helps you shine brightly in your walk through the unforeseen, and joys of life.

xx Dorcas Solomon


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If you would like to share your articles or stories with W.O.P, or if you have general questions, please use the contact form or email walkofpromise@gmail.com.

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