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Please read through carefully if interested in being a W.o.P Writer

WalkofPromise was created to empower everyday women looking to live beyond everyday circumstances; by providing materials and resources to educate and inform readers, we challenge existing perspectives in society and facilitate our community’s path to an enhanced state of well-being.

We aim to publish stories that are relevant, timeless and resourceful. To achieve this, we must adhere to a high standard of quality when screening submissions. Only writers and submissions that meet the following requirements will be accepted.

1. Alignment. Each story must align with our mission, and one or more of our themes. Our themes can be found in the next section.

2. Tell a Story. Each submission must tell a story drawing on personal reflection. We expect the depth of each story to vary; our main concern lies in relevance and the ease with which readers can connect. The total length of the stories/articles we’re looking to publish are around 800–2000+ words. Stories can Include plenty of rich media like video links, charts, statistics — we encourage it! Just make sure these media fit seamlessly with the concept and visual flow of the article.

3. Usefulness — Articles should be of emotional, practical or intellectual value to readers. All articles must include resources that readers can utilize i.e. “Veggie looms is a website that helps people transition from a traditional diet, to a vegan lifestlyle”. Make reference to pages on the web or on our own website that can give readers further clarity of the topic you are discussing (we encourage adding a “resource” section at the end of each article).

4. Quality — We strive for authenticity in our articles. We are looking for stories that have been carefully structured, and edited for grammar, spelling, readability, and cohesiveness. Please include any and all relevant pictures or graphics that help tell the story, that have been legally attained (see “plagiarism” below). Use quotes, italics, and headers appropriately.

5. Originality -When writing about a well-known topic, we ask that you do so from a unique perspective. Give the reader a new insight to consider. All content must be entirely yours.

6. Plagiarism –We ask that you do not lift large pieces of content from texts that you do not own, and use them in the articles that you produce for W.o.P. When quoting an outside source, i.e. not you, always cite by attaching links at the end of the article. In fact, we encourage the proper use of quotations and statistics, as oftentimes, they enhance a piece of writing.

7. Expertise –We ask that you know a great deal about the subjects on which you choose to write, or can at least defend your personal perspectives with facts, unless the subject matter is of a personal nature.

8. Linking Policies –Your posts can be linked to other posts found on the blog, or other links found on the web, although links to sources outside of W.o.P. should be limited to three.

9. Profane Language –Please refrain from using profane language in articles.

WoP Themes:

The Topic + The Issue + The Connection = A Story

Exploration –life lessons, personal challenges, tragedies, triumphs, travels, emerging physical and mental trials, faith and religion, new sports, innovative types of entertainment , art…

Technology –start-ups, industry news — effects/benefits on consumers & or workforce, trends, “resourceful software & apps”, online learning, coding, advice & tips, product management, breakthrough technologies…

Health –everyday health challenges from a solution standpoint — women issues, nutrition and diet, mental issues, ergonomics, skin, exercise, aging, sleep, natural health, body organs (how to care), and general well being…

Business –strategy, entrepreneurship, funding, negotiation, business communication, workforce, jobs, financials, growth, tips and advice, business development…

Life –work life balance, social issues/awareness, self-development and improvement, time management, lessons learned, arts, reading, communication…

Improving the Human Condition –reimagining culture, developing the developed world, optimizing ourselves, promoting empathy, love, health and longevity, personal mastery of our bodies and biome, helping politics and systems of cooperation evolve, and promoting voluntary evolution…

Find the Angle, find the Connection. Tell the stories your mind and life circumstance inspire you to write about…

Note: We retain the right to edit your articles, although you own the underlying ideas in said articles. If you have any concerns, or still are not sure if a topic you would like to cover falls in line with W.o.P’s mandate, feel free to email us.


Valuing transparency, we would like to disclose that no member of the W.o.P team is financially rewarded for his or her involvement. WalkofPromise is a community platform that envisions people with passion for education and information working together out of love and belief in a common goal. We hope to continue growing, while working towards being able to monetarily compensate our contributors and team members for their time in the near future.

Let us know if you have any further queries regarding the above disclaimer and thank you for understanding and supporting our vision.

To join our team of writers:

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We look forward to your submission and working with you. Our community is our Wealth.

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